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4 Bedroom Single Family Home - $299,900

About Acushnet
The Town of Acushnet Massachusetts was founded in 1860 and is located in Bristol County. Acushnet was the original home of the Titleist golf ball. The town contains the River Valley Golf Course which has been said to be one of the best golf courses in Massachusetts.

Each Fall the weekend after Labor Day the town hosts a Apple/Peach Festival which for those in town is a “must do”. During this event there is a parade as well as yard sales that line the North Main Street along with peach and apple cobblers, jellies and much more.

This season the incredible tasting White Peach is being harvested and it is to be the biggest, sweetest and juiciest peach in existence and those who attend will be picking it straight off the tree. “Bend over when you bite or you’ll get wet”!

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Winter Wellness Workshop: Essential Oils 101
This is a FREE event to get you and your family ready for winter! In this class, you will learn: 1. what essential oils are and how to use them safely and effectively 2. how essential oils can help to support a healthy immune system (and which ones are the best to use) 3. how to make easy, inexpensive, and natural DIY remedies and daily regimens to support you and your family’s response winter’s wrath 4. practical uses for the most popular essential oils   In this FREE, fun, and interactive workshop, we will demo some ideas and have some fun giveaways for you to get started right away!

When: Oct 18, 2015 9 AM in Acushnet, Massachusetts (Sun, 18 Oct 2015 09 )
DIY Simple Swaps: A Make & Take Open House
Tired of toxic chemicals invading your family’s personal care routine or paying a FORTUNE for (supposedly) “natural” brands?  Learn how to make your OWN homemade personal care products using simple, inexpensive, and non-toxic ingredients, have fun, and save a TON of money doing so! This is a hands-on open house-style workshop where attendees will be making (and taking home): Homemade deodorant Invigorating shower gel (for those hard-to-wake-up mornings) Purifying and skin-nourishing foaming hand soap Remineralizing toothpaste Cleansing skin ointment Supply fee (includes all materials + super cute reusable containers which you will l*o*v*e): Member Price (CASH AT DOOR): $25 for all 5 products, or $6 each Non-Member Price (CASH AT DOOR): $30 for all 5 products, or $7 each Make one, or make them all! * FREE OPTION: Come for a Essential Oils 101 Mini Session (happening on-demand during the open house) and learn the basics of essential oils, how to make all kinds of natural do-it-yourself beauty products and home remedies, and some easy ways to incorporate them into your life! Note: Member registration rate is for individuals that are enrolled on my team as a Young Living Wholesale Customer. Enroll that day and get a discount!

When: Oct 11, 2015 9 AM in Acushnet, Massachusetts (Sun, 11 Oct 2015 09 )

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